Basswood Painted

Basswood is considered as one of the finest timbers to produce Plantation Shutters. The Hometec Basswood Plantation Shutter is built to last!  Basswood Timber is ideal for producing,shutters due to its weight, density and unlike wester red cedar, it isnot prone to bruising.
Available in 15 different Painted Colours, we offer an excellent range of whites to suit the décor of the house. We also offer a standard colour of Black.
Also available is the option of us Painting the shutters to your custom paint choice allowing you to match your shutters to your paint brand. Also available as an extra is our  Exclusive Shutter Gloss Finish.
Available with either Centre Rotation or Clearview. Available as Bi-Fold, Sliding, Circle, Oval, Arch, Triangle, Rake, Bay Window, Corner Window,T-Posts, and more.
With many years of experience, Hometec Plantation Shutters Paint finish has been refined to deliver a Market Leading end result. Hometec use a 5 Coat Paint System to deliver our Quality Paint Finish.  For the first coat, we use a Timber Sealer to protect against moisture.  This is then followed by 2 undercoats to protect against UV rays.  We then finish with 2 thick coats of UV and moisture resistant top coats giving the shutter a smooth, grainless finish.