About Us



Hometec Plantation Shutters is the result from decades of industry experience in the fields of Installing Plantation Shutters, Manufacturing, Importing and Marketing. By combining all these facets, we developed the Hometec Plantation Shutter range ready for resale to our dealers. Our Team are passionate about Plantation Shutters, and enjoy the end result, which our product brings.


Our Mission is to provide a streamlined importing, manufacturing, distribution and installation service. Backed with a wealth of knowledge developed from the 90's when the first shutter was installed. We aim to work closely with the retailer to furthermore improve your customers' Plantation Shutter purchase experience.

Our Products

Hometec Plantation Shutters aims to be at the forefront of design and development of Plantation Shutters, ensuring that our product will be a market leader. Our ranges are designed to position our retailers at the forefront of the market, by ensuring colours, quality, advice and design are following the market trends.